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A 365 Project is a photography project, you take 1 photo each day for a year on a subject of your choosing and share it with the world.

So.. What's all the fuss?
Recently there has been a big hype about 365 Projects, everyone seems to be doing one, each with their own individual take on the subject. Some people take photos of themselves, others take photos of just one object, some take photos of their daily meals and others, like me, just take photos of every day life.

Why do it?
Taking a photo each day can be a big undertaking, however the payoffs and the sense of achievement at the end are great,

  • Taking photos every day will improve your photography skills, there's no doubt about it, using your camera so much will teach you about lighting, composition and creativity. Forcing yourself to come up with new ideas and making you look at life a little bit differently.
  • Documenting you life will help you see clearer, it's a great way to document what you spend your time on, your bad haircuts and your creativity.
  • The number one reason for me is that it's a visual diary, Imagine being able to look back on everything you've done, all those new places, new people and awesome nights out!


Sometimes you'll feel like there is nothing to take a photo of, that nothing exciting is happening, when days like this come around, and believe me, they come! Pick yourself up and force yourself out of the house and start taking pictures.

Telling your friends about the project will keep you interested, people will start asking if they can be in your picture or what your going to take today, people find it really interesting to talk about too, this all adds up to encourage and remind you to take better photos!

Getting Started

Here are my all time top 4 rules to remember on your journey into the 365.

  • Take your camera everywhere! No camera, no picture!
  • Don't wait to post your images, get them uploaded within a day or two so you don't end up with a huge backlog!
  • Pick a theme to start with, it will keep you focused and make it easier to remember to take your photo.
  • Don't stop, remember the goal and how good it will be at the end.

I'd love to hear why you started your 365 Project in the comments.

If you haven't already... Get signed up and get shooting!

沒想到會有人把這個 365project 的意念具體化,甚至是推廣、架站提供放置 365project 照片的服務,

所以,我也在 365project 的網站上註冊了一個帳號了。


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