How to delete/remove/unistall service from windows (general)?

First, you should know what it is

Just go to Google and search the Caption of service you want to remove/unistall/delete .

Now, you know what it is, and you will find an execute file (*.exe) that can install/unistall that service.

(Let us take it as "service_exe.exe")

Second, you shold know where it is

I think that's very easy for everyone to do it, just search it.

Third, unistall/remove/delete it !

Go to command line DOS (Start=>Run=>cmd.exe), change path to that execute file.

You can type cd path and press Enter to change path.

(For example, if you want to change path to C:\Windows\, you should type cd C:\Windows\)

Type service_exe.exe /unistall and press Enter, then you finish remove/delete/unistall service.

(For example, you want to delete/remove/unistall a service which is installed by pcm.exe.

Type pcm.exe /uninstall and press Enter)

#:If possible, delete the execute file after remove/delete/unistall the service.

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